Coaches XC™ is an organization with the following purpose: - Encourage students of all ages (K - 12th) to participate in the    “running sports” during school (track & field and cross country).      One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide students       with a local, fun and affordable Cross Country “Club” program. - Promote a XC Club based program that supports the type of track    and cross country program that students participate in at school; - Help school coaches build their Track / Cross Country programs    down into their junior high and elemmentary feeder schools.
Coaches Cross CountryTM                         ENDURO Sports Network specializes in providing         support for school based running sports and coaches.                              
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CXC-USA in Oklahoma is organized near the beginning of each school year with input from school coaches.  School coached are very involved with their programs during the school year, which doesn’t end until the state cross country championships.  In Oklahoma, that’s the first of November.  As a result, XC-USA™ clubs don’t begin including high school students until after the state championships. CXC-USA - Oklahoma is sanctioned through Youth ENDURO Sports, Inc. (YES-Athletics)  Students who participate in CXC-USA Oklahoma must be a YES-Athletics member -AND- listed on the club’s YES-Roster account.  (  Students can only be entered in meets through the club’s YES-Roster account. - - - Unattached students are not allowed in CXC-USA Oklahoma. CXC-USA - OK coaches also support a competitive club for students who qualify:  “Coaches Oklahoma Elite If a student meets the standards, he/she can be recommended to compete as part of “Oklahoma Elite”. Parents are responsible for all expenses associated with their student’s participation in Oklahoma Elite. The CXC-USA Oklahoma “Final” meet is scheduled for October.  For more information on Coaches XC (Oklahoma) and/or “Oklahoma Elite”, contact your school coach. 2015 CXC-USA - OK meet schedule: Please return the beginning of the 2015-16 school year for more details.
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